Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, July 24, 2020: You'll feel excessively passionate

If you seek to center your mind and heart, you will see that the day manifests itself peacefully and lovingly


This Friday you will probably have an outgoing day with a great disposition to talk and relate to people of all kinds and that won't be understood by the person with whom you have a love relationship and who wants your love and all your attention. Jealousy can make your day annoying.

Although the sextile between Mars and Venus in your sign gives you a unique beauty or attraction, it can also generate uncomfortable situations of disagreements and conflicts caused by the desire for possession and sexual passion.

Gemini, you're part of this mechanism and you will have to observe your jealousy and your need to know everything.

Those natives who are single can begin to vibrate with the love and strength of passion that is so good for them.

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Computer and robotic related businesses will be showing great profits for your friends and you will want to participate. Do you feel you can meet this challenge?

The professional obligations you have at present could be tedious, you have been repeating the same things for some time and maybe you are tired. Everyone has their own path to follow and just because your friends are doing well doesn't mean it's the same for you. Business is your forte and communication is an area where you feel like a fish in the water. Don't waste your chances.


You shouldn't stop cultivating those habits that allow you to improve chronic health conditions. If you want to heal certain dysfunctions that you observe in your organism, you should begin to supplement them with a proper diet and exercise.

The good influence of the stars today promises you the improvement of your ailments with very little effort on your part. Many of your ailments come from a feeling of anxiety or nervousness.