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Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, January 24, 2021: An emotional change takes place

New experiences are opened in the affective thing that you will have to handle with maturity and emotional intelligence


The Moon joins the North Node in your sign, guaranteeing the realization of many matters of the heart that were going around and didn't end up showing. Especially those natives of the second decan will receive the beneficial effluvia of this astral energy.

Many will understand this Sunday the reasons for which they suffered over heart matters. The inner truth will be revealed as a ray of light touching your heart, Gemini.

If you're one of those natives who wants to enlarge the family, it's a perfect day when the energies are favorable to bring about the miracle of life in your home.

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It's an important moment for the natives of the Gemini sign who will have to assimilate intelligently the changes that have occurred in this last stretch of life.

Enjoying life isn't possible knowing that expenses exceed income.  Those natives who work in a dependent relationship will have to resign themselves to the limitations that imply having to respond to the demands of a demanding boss for the same money or begin an intense search in the job market that will demand that you show your best virtues.


Many natives have felt discomfort in the past that has led them to the doctor's so if today you have an annoying feeling that brings back bad memories, go to a health center to measure your blood pressure. Problems don't go away by themselves and you may have to start a treatment that takes into account a hidden ailment.

If your mood worsens because of this situation, you won't gain anything, you'll just make it worse. Don't be afraid, strengthen your positive thoughts and find the outlet you need to feel complete.

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