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Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, December 24, 2020: Happy and harmonious celebrations

If you're receptive you'll experience the abundance that this magical night brings to your material life


Today is Christmas Eve and the emotions will be very intense for everyone around you. The people around you will be in a complex mood and you could fall under the influence of a sadness that is not at all convenient.

If you're one of those natives who's in a relationship you might have to endure the sneaky attacks of a person that you'll discover is not what you thought. They're far from being friendly with you; on the contrary, their attitude will prove to be far from it.

If you have children in charge, focus your attention on them, Gemini.  Protecting the most sensitive people in your family will be your priority this Thursday.

The natives who are married will enjoy a warm and friendly evening sharing mutual love between toasts and beautiful memories. Hugging and looking into each other's eyes will be valuable moments for you both.

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Finishing everything that was pending will take a lot of energy and time this Thursday. You'd like to be free to get ready to enjoy yourself and yet you won't be able to be available for family and friends until after mid-afternoon.

The Christmas spirit will bring many positive situations into your life, you'll have to concentrate on this energy to receive the blessings that will come in a magical way.


You're happy in spite of everything that is happening around you and you shouldn't allow your joy to be overshadowed. You'll have a great mood, the desire to share, and the desire to give your love to your loved ones is incredible.

You'll want to toast and celebrate without limits, don't abuse your vitality and well-being, you could thus become your worst enemy.

Remember the importance of rest and good nutrition to keep in shape. The discomforts that you could suffer if you overeat can overshadow you and diminish your desire to live this moment.

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