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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Assume who you truly are with courage, Gemini


Gemini, it's a complicated sentimental day. Get ready to be in a state of stupor. The entrance of the Sun in Scorpio will completely stir your emotions.

Avoid throwing your hands up in the air and face this astrological challenge. Introspection will help you decipher your yearnings. It's time to look inward  and assume who we are with courage.

It will do you no good to compare yourself to others. Buckle up, Gemini.

Single or with a partner, love issues will be a real challenge.

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The Stars point to your personal growth. As far as fortune is concerned, the Scorpio season offers the opportunity to transmute emotions. Flow from impassivity to determination.

Unleash your power  and aspire to reach the stars, Gemini. Manifest your desires through deliberate and concrete actions. Step out of the realms of the mind and connect with your body.

Use your arms and legs. Feel the blood pumping in your veins. Embrace life.


The Horoscope grants you "downtime". Professionally, allow a period of adjustment to dock your feelings. The realm of water will shake your inner self like a tsunami.

Don't continue to work as usual. Integrate the changes into your renewed self, Gemini. No one can bathe twice in the same river.

Day after day you become another individual. Don't try to conform to your old patterns. Your old view of life has outgrown it.


Gemini, on this day you feel very thin-skinned. With friends, avoid inappropriate replies. Don't blame others for getting up on the wrong foot.

Spend time alone today and get your thoughts in order.


Your heart is racing. Too many emotions to process all at once, Gemini. Your air sign has been shaken by the impact of feelings.

Scorpio season won't leave you indifferent.  It's an ideal time to start meditating. Seek inner harmony and balance.

The serenity of Taurus will bring you the security you need.