Gemini Horoscope Thursday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, July 23, 2020: Practice mindfulness

Running around generates a lot of anxiety that requires healing tools to avoid stress


The stars exhibit a remarkable energetic tension that doesn't favour the children of Mercury. The moon settles in the meticulous and deep sign of Virgo and this will incline you to live feelings of dissatisfaction. It will seem to you that the world is too small for you, that life hasn't been fair to you.

You may need to focus on your partner's motivations to gain a greater understanding of what your relationship needs. If you insist on distracting your mind, you will only lose valuable time.

If you're alone, problems may come from the family, Gemini, those you trust the most will make demands that you feel aren't yours to respond to.

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The opposition of Neptune in Pisces to the Moon in the area of domestic life counteracts energy of confusion and distraction that can lead to problems in the professional area. It's best to ask for help from those who you believe can cooperate with you.

Your imagination will be very abundant during this workday, so if you work in the area of child or adolescent education or in situations that require your creativity, the stars will protect you.

To avoid problems you should check the schedule of payments of your responsibilities. Oblivion could be very expensive, Gemini.


For the Gemini natives, the stars show a natural inclination to nervous states. You need to learn to calm your mind. It will be difficult at first if you haven't tried it before. But  the practice of mindfulness will teach you to keep your anxiety at bay and to manage your negative emotions intelligently.

Observing what is happening in the present moment without judgments or projections into the future are simple mental attitudes that will allow you to better manage stress.