Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, January 23, 2021: A fantastic day for a change

You need a change in many of your eating and physical activity habits


Have you noticed the way your life unfolds when you take personal responsibility for your relationships?

The Moon passes over the territories of your sign, Gemini, resulting in greater awareness and feelings of nobility towards those close to you.

The stars drive you to seek love and companionship from those people with whom you have shared great moments of your life and know your essence and soul more than you do.

If you're single, today isn't a day that presents great opportunities, on the contrary, it's a perfect day to make contact with your emotions in the intimacy of your home.

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Don't complain, Gemini, if professional life has taken a fast and demanding turn. There will come a time when you can have a few days of prolonged rest.

If your desires are made to wait, complaining isn't going to speed up the process. While the change you're looking for is coming, you can finish the details of something that depends exclusively on you.

If you're unemployed, don't stay locked up at home, go visit friends, and move your energy.


For this Saturday, the stars warn the natives of the sign of Gemini about their welfare. A too sedentary life can cause many problems for your health. Invisible ailments that are taking on a complicated dimension. You need to make a turn in your way of exercising. Visceral fat is very dangerous and it doesn't always depend on your body mass that you suffer from this problem. The solution is a change in diet and vigorous exercise, in which your cardiovascular system is stimulated. If you don't know how to handle this change, seek help from your doctor.

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