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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, February 23, 2021: You'll easily meet the expectations

The good astral energy available will favor all areas of your life


The Moon in the sign of Cancer favors the encounter with family and the most beloved women. If you're lucky enough to have your grandmothers with you, it's a special time to call them or visit them if possible. They'll be very happy to receive your attention. A dialogue can harbor in your heart new feelings for your ancestors.

If you're in a relationship, you'll enjoy an extraordinary state of harmony. Matters that were troubling you begin to show a favorable direction and you'll feel that it's no longer time for reproaches or bitter conversations.

Seeing your friends or relatives will bring an opportunity for reconciliation that you shouldn't miss, Gemini.

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You're very skilled when it comes to communication and sales, which is why some people will think of hiring you for a job that few can do as well as you can. Don't be afraid, Gemini, you'll easily meet the expectations of your employers.

The climate and the affability that reign in your professional environment during this day will bring you, thanks to Venus about to enter the sign of Pisces, the possibility of communicating better, especially for those natives of the first decan. Businesses related to aesthetics, art and communication are the most benefited from this day.

Today, you could enjoy exchanging ideas and visions regarding your profession while you manage to complete with joy all your goals for the day.


Your body possesses special wisdom to heal your cells. Trusting in your body's ability to heal is a fundamental part of any treatment you're currently undergoing. The intelligence of your soul in consonance with the solar energy that reigns during this day will help you in all health matters.

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