The sign of Gemini in half a purple circle

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, December 23, 2020: Don't neglect the present by dreaming about the future

For Gemini, choosing between two options can be very complicated. It's time to play a safe card in love


The stars show that good mood and joy return to the character of the natives of your sign. Thanks to the action of Uranus in your zone relative to the unconscious, many changes are taking place within you, Gemini.

If you're one of those who is single you must trust your intuition that will help you to solve a romantic dilemma. Your ability to seduce will lead you to contrast between two options. You're in a position to be the star of a meeting to which you will be invited to bid farewell to the year.

It will be a very exciting and fun night. The love life takes over your mind. A kiss turns this day into an unforgettable moment of your story.

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An injection of energy is presented to improve all your financial affairs. The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius benefits the natives of the Air element signs.

If you have to travel it's a good day to buy your ticket. New interests bring new challenges that will lead to a special development of your practical intelligence. More efficient every day.

You will have to cancel an appointment that promises a significant improvement for your future.

Be sure to check the work you do today as you are very distracted. The Moon in conjunction with Uranus can lead you to get lost in your thoughts about the future and neglect the present.

The lucky number for the children of the twin sign for today is 68. A number that indicates generosity and a bright future for your financial life.


If you're going to eat at a restaurant, pay attention to the quality of the food and be careful if it doesn't look good. The stars show very negative influences for the natives of your sign regarding possible intoxications.

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