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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Today how you feel takes precedence over your thoughts, Gemini


Gemini, the Horoscope today augurs a promising day.

In the sentimental sphere, today you radiate a different light. The conjunction of the Sun with Venus in Libra will work miracles in you. You'll be cheerful and carefree and this attitude will make feel others closer to you.

Remember that you get what you give. Enjoy a day of intimate confidence with your partner.

If you're in search of love, today you'll score big points. The heart beats your mind by a landslide, Gemini.

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The astrological prediction encourages you to try your luck. As far as fortune is concerned, the transit of the Stars is tending toward art and beauty. You'll feel completely inspired.

Your soul is moved by artistic expressions. On this day an exhibition or museum will provide the setting for a magical encounter, Gemini. Watch for serendipity.

A special connection will open the door to an auspicious collaboration. Be ready to earn money doing work you enjoy.


Your Horoscope favors social relationships. In the professional sphere, let yourself be led by your ruler. Mercury knows how to win others over.

Channel your words with a smile on your face. Try relaxing your limbs. Avoid closed or threatening body language.

Be approachable and friendly. Today your public relations duties will play a very important role, Gemini. Strengthen your ties by acting with honesty.

Think of the collective benefit. Let your efforts serve to inspire others.


You'll be rewarded with very pleasant moments. Cordiality is in the air. Let yourself be filled with the pleasure of life.

Avoid the convoluted thoughts of your analytical mind. Happiness is much simpler, Gemini.


You'll be in excellent health, Gemini. You like to watch what you eat, but today the Stars promote a day of pleasure. Surrender to savor your favorite dishes without worrying about calories.

You only live once, don't you? Mental rigidity doesn't benefit your character. Start breaking the rules from time to time to optimize your mental well-being.