Gemini Monday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, March 22, 2021: What is desired is achieved

You'll be happy to know that the fruits of your professional efforts won't take long to arrive


The stars indicate growth in your relationship. Venus in conjunction with the Sun, both in the sign of Aries, guarantees the encounter with your better half from a perspective of equality and friendship. You'll enjoy being part of their projects or ideals of life.

Gemini natives who have been experiencing communication problems or lack of understanding this Monday will find themselves conversing animatedly without making any effort. It will be natural for the two of them to meet and laugh together about the bad times they have had in the past.

Those who are expecting pregnancy news may be surprised by the result of a test. You'll be reassured to know that things went as you wished.

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This Monday, the stars indicate a tendency for Gemini natives to go after their goals. Outlining an itinerary will help you. Today, you won't want to delay in matters that won't give you any retribution. Some might label you as materialistic but this is your time and the energy won't be available forever.

You've made an effort and therefore, have no doubt that the fruits will come sooner than expected. The Moon in the area related to finances in the sign of the Twins stimulates contact with clients and the general public, you'll be very well received and everyone will seem to be waiting for your collaboration. The appreciation of your ability to communicate will surprise you.


You enjoy great health thanks to the influence of Mars in your sign.  You're living a few days of great strength and energy that you shouldn't neglect. Don't be overconfident, Gemini, you still must be careful of your health.

Any treatment you start these days will have very good results. Whether it's a beauty treatment or a medical treatment, you can expect the best results in the shortest time.

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