Gemini Monday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, February 22, 2021: You'll find a solution

Seeing your friends or family can contribute a great deal to conflict resolution


During the day today, you'll find a way to resolve an issue that left you in a very uncomfortable situation in the past and that will be important to rectify in order not to leave traces of conflict in your relationship with your partner.

The planets that are in tension with your sign today push you to vibrate in the direction of your dreams with much more strength and power than you usually feel about your desires in love. You'll look for ways to find understanding so that you can fulfill your dreams. A decline in mood is not an option for you today. On the contrary, you'll fight your conflicts with unusual strength.

If you've experienced a problem in love, don't fail to seek company and wise advice from a friend who knows you perfectly and in whom you trust completely. You'll find solutions and peace of mind.

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A colleague or dear friend could be your ideal partner in a business venture. A change of activity could make you feel a lot of enthusiasm and joy. Setting out to achieve new goals is part of what you must do to synchronize with the Node in your sign, Gemini.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of Gemini for today is 155. This number connects you with the materiality in its best and most productive aspects, opening a path of abundance and mastery never before experienced.


Expect to have a day of optimum energy. Your strength is great and will help you carry out everything you set your mind to. Do not want to test your stamina in an exaggerated way or you'll lose your well-being. Rest deserves an important place in your life. Improving the quality of your sleep will be important at the beginning of the week. Take a look at your bedroom and make it more comfortable.

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