Gemini Horoscope Monday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, September 21, 2020: Important mysteries will be unveiled

Your professional affairs will improve significantly if you stimulate your positive thinking


If you're willing to show goodwill you will get everything you want in love, Gemini, and it's time you learned to show your love and receive it.

Today the week begins by waking up to recognize the needs that live within your heart. The Moon in the exquisite sign of Scorpio will reveal everything that's hidden.

You must learn to focus your energy in the same direction, if you didn't get distracted by any nonsense, or go behind every external stimulus that comes into your life, you would be the best partner in the world,

Today you will be surprised to learn that you possess this strength at least in terms of your sentimental and emotional life. You will defend your feelings as you never thought you could.

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If you're watching your economy go down or you feel like you've ran out of luck, don't worry, it's only a temporary situation.

Don't be sorry, soon the natives of the sign of the twins will live a deep change as far as material life is concerned. Complaints do nothing but affect your auric field by attracting the worst energies into your life.

Think positive and displace all possible negativity from your mind. You will see that slowly, your professional affairs are changing and showing signs of improvement. Faith and optimism accompany the movement of the Universe.

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There are aspects of your body that don't respond to the model shown to you by the media, that should not distress you.  

There are many who don't have a body like the models you see on TV and you shouldn't care, Gemini, your greatest weapon in life is your good attitude and your intelligence, loving your body and accepting it with the good and bad is part of your inner beauty.

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