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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Friday, October 21st, 2022

You thrill the world with your words, Gemini


Gemini, your Horoscope suggests that you experience the sweet smell of love. In the field of romance, don't restrain your feelings. On this day a complicit gaze will bring you more satisfaction than your famous seductions.

Open yourself to your relationship with your partner. The delights of its intimacy will overflow your heart.  Share close chats while whispering words of affection.

If you're single, be guided by the noble goal of achieving a tight bond. How long will you continue to get involved in superfluous stories?

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Gemini, your astrological prediction appeals to your common sense. As far as money is concerned, your ambition increases. For you, happiness goes in other directions.

Your free soul responds to the spirit of adventure. Connect with the spirituality of abundance. Your heart's desires aren't at odds with financial prosperity.

A being aligned with their purpose attracts fortune irrevocably. Associate finances with a life accomplice, an open door to the world of art and creativity.


Your Horoscope connects you with mysticism at work, Gemini. In the professional realm, strive to fulfill your spiritual need. Appeal to your vocation of service.

Your life mission is tied to service. This day draw on your resources, what's your best way to help? Mercury rules your speech.

You excite with your words and possess an enormous convening power. Don't underestimate your potential. If you set your mind to it, you could develop a great humanitarian movement.


Gemini, don't get into trouble. You lack a filter and this could lead to an unpleasant situation with your friends, don't intercede in third-party feuds. If you're consulted, use your sense of caution.


Today ignorance becomes bliss. You're too intense, Gemini. Your need to pick situations apart makes you suffer excessively.

Give your mind a rest. Go for a walk in nature. Connect with a deep sense of gratitude for life.

Appreciate beauty. Use your head less and your heart more, allow a deep meaning to touch you. Without analysis.