Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, November 21, 2020: Your dreams come true

When you focus your energy with intelligence and emotion vibrating in unison you achieve everything you dream of


For this special Saturday, the natives of the Gemini sign will find that all the dreams they have woven in the past are being fulfilled sooner than imagined. Perhaps they never believed in their ability and realization of what they imagine, but heaven is opening up great possibilities for those who trust their mental and emotional power. You have given much of yourself at this time and every day you have dreamed of achieving the love you desired in your heart which is why many of the images you have desired will manifest.

If you are in a relationship, your desires for understanding will be fulfilled this Saturday when you will be able to talk in calm and harmony about problems that you thought impossible to solve. Today, your conflicts will be diluted to give way to a new dawn on your emotional horizon.

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For this Saturday there's little movement in those aspects that relate to the financial world of the Gemini natives.

Regarding work issues that have alarmed you throughout the week, it's time to focus on your own thoughts. The message that the stars have for you today is not to get carried away with your bosses' or your clients' problems: staying focused on your own will save you from more stress. If you stick to your agreement and deliver what is expected of you, you will see that everything will just go by smoothly.

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If you can't stop thinking, all evils will seem to fall on your head. It's not necessary to hold negative ideas in anticipation of problems that don't yet exist. Try to free yourself from this tendency to ruminate and distract yourself by occupying your head with some activity that you really like, watch a movie or play a board game with friends, or perhaps go for a walk in nature.

Learn to empty the mind of thoughts. You will feel better