Daily Gemini Horoscope for Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Gemini, dare to chase after what you want


Gemini, try to let yourself go during the day today. Today, Cancer season begins, enlightened by the Sun; water takes over reason and feelings. Mental reasoning, along with the soul's desires, will make us more aware; the time has come for feelings to rule the roost.

Define what you want and dare to chase after it. The transition into Pisces continues. While the Moon lived at your house, details of your subconscious were revealed; now, you've got the best image of your dreams.


The Daily Horoscope says that it's time to believe. You're constantly skipping between ideas, without specifying them at all; this is because of the influence of air inside you. With the Cancer season, you'll be motivated again; the teamwork of intellect and aspirations will be decisive to make progress.

There have been changes; you'll feel more committed and involved. When you put your heart into what you do, there is a great leap forward. Stay on that track, Gemini.


Gemini, your Daily Horoscope foresees that communication will flow free. With just a little soul in them, your words will be much appreciated, and your persuasion skills will skyrocket. Your speech will have soft skills integrated into it, with room for silence.

You'll learn to be an active listener, bringing in the ideas and concerns of your audience. At work, you shouldn't let inertia take the lead. See if you're following the plan you had set, or if you've been deviated off-track.


Gemini, today you'll need to process a mix of emotions. You'll feel confused and volatile, ready to burst. Take a deep breath in. Cosmic transitions are affecting you physically and mentally. Your inner self will come through in your dreams. Their demands are essential. Your mood will be affected. You'll jump from bliss to sorrow. Give yourself time. It will all fall into place at some point.

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Cancer & Scorpio

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