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Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, January 21, 2021: Watch your back

There's a lot of discordant energy in your environment that can make it difficult to move forward with a personal issue


From the first hours of the day,  you'll experience a tense atmosphere within the scope of emotions. Gemini, you might be unaware of the origin of your Gemini troubles, and that there's a lot of hostile energy in your area relative to the unknown that plays against you. It could be an emotional blockage that has been disturbing your relationships for a long time, or simply a woman in your environment is acting as if she's your enemy and you're still not completely clear about it.

Lilith in the sign of Taurus joins Uranus and causes all sorts of strange and not entirely fortunate events in the realm of married life. You'll need a lot of courage in your heart to bring order to a strange affair.

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From a group of friends will come into your life a new professional project that brings new ways to share the material abundance. It may be something you didn't imagine and that brings to your life changes in the way you understand money.

If you're looking for a job, ask your friends and acquaintances and trust them with your needs, because a lot can come out of a sincere and humble conversation. Don't be afraid or embarrassed; you'll soon be receiving the rewards of good behavior.


There are astral configurations that aren't too beneficial for you as long as you can't control your thoughts and you lose the ability to rest deeply the minimum amount of hours your body requires to stay healthy. Taking care of yourself and improving the state of your body is necessary.  The most important thing is to act without an automatic engine and take control of your mind and emotions.

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