Gemini Sunday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, February 21, 2021: You'll lighten your load

To love yourself is to leave behind the addictions that detract from your health and fulfillment


If you had problems in love, this Sunday things are starting to calm down. If you're estranged you have another opportunity to restart your relationship. There are new projects of life together, plans for living together.  You'll feel encouraged to fulfill your dreams for the future.

Mars in your zone of hidden enemies alerts you of entanglements and quarrels with relatives or people close to you. Neighbors can be a source of problems. Don't pay attention to gossip. They'll soon end.

Gemini, if you're single and looking for a new love, a special person will come into your life who exerts a seduction of the intellectual type and who will attract you by their intelligence and their great gift for conversation.

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The twists of fate won't cease to surprise you because it will come to your mind that you'll benefit from a conversation that you didn't expect. You're relieved of burdens that you were carrying on your back thanks to Jupiter in conjunction with your ruling planet, Mercury, at last, you can let go of responsibilities that you had assumed and that you should no longer attend to.

If you have your own trade or business, you'll get the profits you've been expecting for some time, thanks to the astral placements.

The digital business could be waiting for your product, don't ignore it, start a strategy to gain customers today.

The lucky number for this Sunday for the natives of your sign is 199 which according to the angelic numerology advises you to sustain your positive thoughts to strengthen your divine mission.


This Sunday, you can give yourself the precious gift of breaking a bad habit. It won't be enough to change your diet. You may have to put an end to a vice that is damaging your organism. Your weakness from the astrological point of view is in the lungs.

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