The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, December 21, 2020: It's a magical day

Don't let time go by without taking care of an important matter or you'll regret it in the future


It's a special day in heaven, Gemini. All astrologers will warn you of a beginning of the cycle for the next twenty years. This change will take place in your intimate life and in all aspects where you share your integrity and energy, whether it's money, home, a car or your heart, it's time for you to start giving yourself with maturity and wisdom.

Your partner is expecting a more consistent response than the ones you usually give when you avoid commitments. You have an ability to play with words and escape from what is important.

If you're one of those natives who are single today you'll feel your heart awaken to a look that carries the intensity of lightning. It isn't usual for you to melt when someone looks at you, but this person makes you lose all stability.

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You'll be dealing with a person who has great ability to manage and organize financial and legal matters. You need their help to complete a tax filing or claim.

If you're running a business venture this week it starts with a lot of fuss. You'll feel very demanded by your business, if you request help from a friend it'll be very encouraging to share a few moments while you advance in the fulfillment of your responsibilities.


For this Monday, the stars indicate the need that many natives of the sign of Gemini may feel to give closure to the unhealthy habits that are part of their daily life. If you're one of those who smoke, it's time to quit, even if you consider you're having an attitude that you recognize as bad for your general wellbeing. No one knows your weaknesses better than you do.

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