Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, August 21, 2020: A good friend will be able to help you

Maybe you can manage to save money that slips away in little things every day. Can you make that effort?


The positive influence of Venus in Cancer encourages you to enjoy domestic situations that would have seemed tedious at another time of life, Gemini.

You'll feel more attractive and vital than other days.  The Moon in the sign of Libra increases your chances of having an affair. The desire to act and to go in search of a new love will be stronger than other days. You're under a very good influence of the stars to achieve everything you want in romantic matters.

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You'll have many issues to resolve in the professional sphere. You'll have to answer for other people, but you won't be displeased, rather you will feel proud to be able to accomplish everything. You will find it very easy to combine all the tasks of the day and you will even have plenty of time to plan tomorrow's schedule.

The natives of the first deanery are being stimulated by the planetary aspects to change many of their daily consumption habits. The alignments will lead them to understand that many expenses are unnecessary and that with the saving of those coins that are spent every day they could face a greater expense. Perhaps you're thinking of buying a vehicle to make your daily life simpler and this may be your opportunity.  The important thing is that you know that if you don't give in to change, your economic conditions will worsen.

If you can seek support from friends or colleagues in the sign of Taurus or Virgo, it will be helpful to know their point of view regarding a financial issue.

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The Gemini natives will be susceptible to inflammations and discomfort during this day derived from an excess of energy. The imbalance of the discordant relationship between Mars and Pluto could generate possible accidents and sudden movements.

The development of a lot of activity will expose you to these annoying ailments that could force you to rest instead of continuing with your plan.