Gemini Saturday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, March 20, 2021: You'll enjoy the intimacy

A day of soft and tender feelings awaits you to spend at home with your loved ones


The Moon will continue in your sign for a few hours this Saturday so it's a day to enjoy soft and sweet feelings. Later it will pass into the land of the crab and therefore, it will be very pleasant to take time to be in the intimacy of the home.

Sharing in the intimacy of the home a moment of quiet and calm can give your soul the rest it needs so much.  You have managed to heal certain wounds and today you will find yourself hand in hand looking to the future that you will build together.

Surrender yourself to enjoy the simple things in life without arguments or pettiness that tarnish your joie de vivre. Gemini, if someone seeks to confront you, you'll have to avoid it by all means and escape in the opposite direction.

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Your power and willingness to work are very broad and always growing. You know how to work in numerous ways and your area of action is very vast so you shouldn't worry or fear losing your economic position.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign for today is 70. A number that suggests you get in touch with your nature of great trader and your entrepreneurial spirit. Cooperation could prove to be a solution to many money problems. Looking to team up with friends or colleagues you know you can count on will be a fun outlet. Leading a work group will be one of the most profitable and successful alternatives at this time.


Your physical health will be good today although you could feel some tiredness and decay. You may suffer the influence of Neptune in bad cosmic aspect to your sign that weakens the body's defenses and disturbs the mood.

Drink plenty of tea with lemon, rest as much as you can and don't worry because very soon this strange feeling will pass.

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