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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Monday, June 20, 2022

Gemini, don't do dirty tricks to impress


Gemini, today's day is about being honest. You'll feel tempted to run strategies today. If you're playing the seduction game, don't resort to trickery.

Try to be transparent, lies don't live for too long. Don't tell fancy stories to impress; it comes off as a short adventure, but it could grow serious.

Watch it, two can play the same game. Instead of hunting away, you could be hunted yourself.


The Daily Horoscope has plenty of chances at the ready; in finances, you'll see a whole range of opportunities open up. This isn't just luck, you've been busy unfolding your charms. Today you could get a couple of interesting offers.

Assess your options. Don't rush it. You've fought your way through unthinkable paths. Don't just settle for whatever comes now. Don't accept any copies. Why don't you sleep it over? Your inner guide will come to the rescue, Gemini.


Gemini, the Stars encourage you to find inspiration today; under your season's influence, your mind will skip between ideas. At work, you need to be fully clear about your intentions. Changing paths the whole time won't get you to your final destination.

Today, doing research is your solution; take a hint from your curious nature. Go deeper into the stories of your favorite historical characters. You'll be surprised to see what you can get if you're determined.


Gemini, pay attention to your health. It might be time to go for a check-up. Get yourself ready. If you feel down, ask your doctor about it. You'd do well to boost yourself up, so get some vitamins or minerals going. Your mind always does plenty of hard work. A natural supplement could optimize your performance. You need to improve your focus.    


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Taurus & Cancer

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