Gemini Horoscope Monday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, July 20, 2020: The new moon blesses your heart

The vibrant and powerful energy of the new moon will bring beauty and calm to your emotional life


The moon in the tender and protective sign of Cancer approaches the Sun which is already blowing away this water energy. It's the new moon and it brings to you an energy that you can use to observe the family reality with a positive attitude, Gemini.

Someone will bring to your ears the details of domestic intimacy that will surprise you. Try to avoid the tensions that can develop in your home. You know very well that you must be patient or you will damage the sensitivity of a loved one who is living a difficult or sick moment.

Geminis who are single may receive a very special invitation. A meeting could be overly fiery with someone who looks the opposite.

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The energy of the new moon in your zodiacal zone of money and possessions can be used to make the beginning of adventures in business or professional life a reality.

Sooner than you expected, people you have met in the past will come to offer you a job you have been longing for. Make sure you can take on that responsibility so you don't spoil your personal relationship.

It's a good day to take care of pending affairs in public offices. If you have to make payments or apply for credit, this is the ideal day for you. The new moon is a good omen for progress in negotiations.

The natives of the third deanery are favoured by the planetary influence. Those who have a business or enterprise can enjoy better sales during this day. In particular, those who have businesses in the field of food or care for people.

As you are so communicative and cheerful, it won't take long to win new customers.

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Today the good news and the motivating astral movement of the day will make you feel very good. With so much vitality you will be able to perform all the tasks you need to do today.