The sign of Gemini with a purple starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, December 20, 2020: Laziness and rest

A benefit in the professional or economic field can come and surprise you


You'll give everything so that your loved ones can recognize what lives inside your soul. This is a time in your life when you could be in the midst of great changes in your emotional world. Perhaps someone is moving away, a move or a change of country of residence can disturb your inner calm.

As far as life as a couple is concerned, you have been wanting to achieve a climate of greater intimate and loving warmth for days now. You feel a powerful feeling in the middle of your chest that you don't always know how to express easily.

Gemini, you'll be able to raise the vibration of your heart to a high level.  The activities you do together will be a bonding point that will strengthen the feelings that already exist.

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It's time to sort out many of the financial issues you've been putting aside. It's a perfect day to sit down at your desk, pen in hand to write down all the details of your financial life.

If someone owes you money they will avoid paying by all means. It's a very complicated time of the year when everyone has more expenses than in other months of the year.

The presence of Venus in conjunction with the South Node could bring some material benefits from the past. It may be time to close an issue with former business partners.

This Sunday's lucky number for the children of Mercury is 20. This number represents a time of change and renewal in all material and practical matters. You can learn much from this energy that strengthens your natural tendency for change and diversity.


The stars indicate a need of the body and soul to rest  from your worries and surrender to reverie and distraction. This Sunday is ideal for reading a romance novel or sitting comfortably on the couch enjoying a movie, Gemini.

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