Gemini Horoscope Thursday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, August 20, 2020: It's never too late to change the direction

Podrías sentir que los asuntos financieros van por vías que no son favorables. Cambia sin dudar ahora que es tiempo.


This Thursday is a great day for love, Gemini.  Romantic life and seduction are favoured by today's astral configurations.  Someone who's in touch with your familiar surroundings will come to your heart in search of a love story. Give them a chance without fear of failure.

If you're waiting to meet that special person, perhaps it's already happened and you haven't noticed. Look around you, many times love is disguised and doesn't show itself.

Whether you're one of those who are single or one of those natives who have a steady partner, what you do to improve your inner life with willpower to improve yourself will show great results.

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If you feel your work situation isn't good, don't hesitate to consider changing jobs. You're at a good time to find new options for your development.

Regarding today's economy, you should probably think about investing in your home. An appliance, a computer or perhaps a couch in the living room. Gemini, today is the day to make that investment. The Moon in the methodical and precise sign of Virgo transits your area in a very favourable way.

You could ask a family member for advice on what's available at the market, go for a walk or visit a mall. You could find great bargains in that area. Take advantage of them and get rid of that problem once and for all.

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It's no time to complain if you know you're not treating your body like it deserves. It's not often that the natives of your sign gain weight, but it could be that even if you keep your weight on the scale it increases your abdominal discomfort. Today you can do something to improve your health. Start a balanced diet as soon as possible.