Daily Gemini Horoscope for Saturday, October 2, 2021

In order to receive, be willing to give, Gemini








❤️ Love

Gemini, if you want your romantic relationships to work, what you need to do is change your mindset. In order to receive, be willing to give first.

💰 Money

Gemini, your Daily Horoscope encourages you to go simple. Just because we want to do things right, sometimes we take the more complicated road and it's often not necessary. What's authentic is the most simple.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Gemini, you should think about yourself more often to avoid being hurt by every situation because you don't want to hurt others.

👍 Tip for Gemini

⭐ Gemini Celebrities

The Gemini celebrities selected for Saturday, October 2 are:

- Shilpa Shetty, Indian actress (June 8, 1975)

- Xi Jinping, Chinese politician (June 15, 1953)

- Che Guevara, Argentine Marxist revolutionary (June 14, 1928)

🍀 Lucky Numbers for Gemini

Gemini, your lucky numbers for Saturday, October 2 are: 1, 4, 8 and 14.

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