Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, October 2, 2020: Unfounded fears steal your strength

If your relationship isn't moving forward and joy is obstructed again and again it is time to make a drastic change


Numerous planetary sites attract the children of Mercury to the romantic world with their disagreements and fears of loss.

Gemini, the insecurity inherent in the changes taking place in your inner world is a double-edged sword for you, it can lead you to vibrate very high and learn to master your urges or it can lead you to be driven by childish feelings of abandonment or grief.

You're free to show yourself as you are and no one has the right to claim you for that but yourself, Gemini.

The natives of the sign of the twins who are starting a married life may be caught between the need to please their spouse and the urge to be true to themselves. This inner dichotomy could become torture if they pay too much attention to it. Live and let live.

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For this day, there isn't much energy available to give work and companies the attention they deserve. Ideals seem to die in the face of news that doesn't hold much hope for rapid progress, on the contrary, the zodiac shows signs of delay and some complications that can lead to states of anxiety.

Those who are looking for a new job opportunity in a dependent relationship can put off any searching action for the next week and dedicate themselves to making their CV look better.

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Gemini natives tend to feel young even when they are old,  their natural energy protects them from the ailments and discomforts of time, but Gemini, your mood often plays havoc with the integrity of your physical health. If you're in a bad mood or experiencing distress, you're likely to experience intractable pain, migraines or headaches that make you uncomfortable.

Pay attention to your breathing, take each breath in deeply and imagine your whole body being bathed in light and health.

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