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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, March 2, 2021: You attract others with your energy and sensuality

The excellent astral disposition will favor all your intimate and romantic affairs this Tuesday


During these days of March, your ruling planet, Mercury, walks through your zodiacal zone related to foreigners and university environments and radiates you with a halo of charm and romanticism. This astral transit can make you feel a special attraction to someone who doesn't share your culture or nationality. You'll enjoy sharing different ideas or ways of life, and you'll be attracted to learning new love techniques.

The Moon is still in the sign of Libra and this is very favorable for natives of the sign of Gemini, especially for those of the third decan. These are very charming times as far as love is concerned.

The idea that you have had of love and relationships improves thanks to the influence of so much activity in the sign of Aquarius that pushes you to continue growing and changing your perspective on the relationship and marriage.

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Venus in the area related to the profession favors the natives of your sign in all matters linked to public image.

Astral aspects show the possibility of traveling and projects related to foreign people or companies are benefited thanks to Jupiter and Mercury both in the sign of Aquarius.

If you're waiting for answers on legal matters or grant applications, good news may arrive today. You'll be happy to know that your affairs are moving forward. You know you're on the path that leads you to your goals and, therefore, you are full and calm.


You'll feel very good throughout this Tuesday. You're in danger of relying too much on your well-being and taking your vital energy to the maximum of its performance, with its consequent exhaustion. Your emotional energy is balanced and you'll seek out activities that will nurture your peace and harmony.

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