The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, January 2, 2021: Fantasies can be dangerous

Taking care of your body will be one of the goals on which you will want to focus your mental energy


Ending a relationship that reflects something of your personality that you don't want to see can be good in one sense because you'll feel the fresh air coming back into your life, but it won't be the best way to end a problem that is part of your personal history.

Of all the signs, you're the most likely to want to live in different situations and you may want diversity in romantic matters as well. Falling in love with your classmates at school or work wouldn't be a surprise due to the display of the sky in its configuration these days.  

Gemini, the problem will arise if in a few days you get bored and discover that life has better things for you in other territories.

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Those who are waiting for answers about a job they have applied for and yearn for with all their heart won't have certainties, however, it's a good day to reinforce your desires with positive thoughts and fulfill certain actions that bring you closer to your goal.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of the twins for this Saturday is 90. A number that suggests that you are closing a cycle of your life and you're ready to begin a new stage of prosperity.


Many changes in your routines have resulted in a remarkable improvement in health. If you had good results until today, you will have a reason to go with more determination in search of your goals.

If you're looking to change your figure through exercise you will benefit from the astral energy that Mars in a good position to Venus reflects on your sign.

Remember that by strengthening your muscles you improve your skeleton, possible backaches are attenuated, and your posture is corrected. Continue with the will and joy you always have, Gemini.

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