The Gemini sign with a blue background

Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, February 2, 2021: You're loved and blessed

The time has come to harvest the fruits of what has been sown in the area of emotional bonds


Gemini, there's news of celebrations such as weddings or baptisms that fill your heart with happiness. Life within the family can bring much happiness to the older natives. The youngest ones, on the other hand, will enjoy very romantic moments that they won't forget.

If you're one of those who lives with a partner, you can enjoy a day of immense satisfaction,  you'll feel loved and valued like never before. Your romantic qualities are strengthened thanks to the lunar aspects and that is why you'll see your relationship reborn after months of difficulties.

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Today you'll come to conclusions regarding issues that kept you on your toes regarding money or your professional situation. It's a perfect day to talk to bosses or professional authorities, you'll reach clarity, you'll clear important doubts regarding your position within the company.

Your regent, planet Mercury, continues to be backwards so it isn't time to close deals but to prepare them.

Gemini there's much activity in the sign of Aquarius. The support of Jupiter and the Sun from this sign of air propels you to make the changes with confidence in the success of your purposes and to move forward in the direction of your ideals.


If you are one of those Gemini natives who are waiting for the results of an analysis or medical tests, they might be delayed you don't have to worry, Gemini, the stars favor you with their energy and give you welfare and reason to celebrate life.

It's a perfect moment to leave behind unhealthy habits, vices and addictions. Trusting in life's processes will help you sustain the will needed to find a path of well being and love.

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