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Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, December 2, 2020: You need to move your muscles today

You won't experience unsolvable money problems thanks to astral locations


You'll experience a new beginning when it comes to love relationships. If you're in a committed relationship, a new cycle begins backed by yesterday's full moon.

The Moon has entered the sweet and protective sign of Cancer and brings tender moments in your life as a family. Conversations with grandmothers, mothers or sisters can provide many facts about family history that will help you understand your traditions.

If you have children they will benefit from astral energy. Seeing you close to the ancestral energy will strengthen the energy of your family and the joy of the family will be incredible.

Gemini natives who are single can be confident that the arrival of love is imminent and promises happiness; don't leave out any possibilities. A surprise may come. Staying open and confident will lead to change.

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If you're looking for a job, the stars indicate great opportunities thanks to the presence of Venus in good shape, you'll even receive a job offer in a dream activity for you.

The energy is favorable to work in a team thanks to the good influences of Mercury in Sagittarius that favors the communication with people that have the same goals as you and it leans on Mars in Aries, both planets give you a very positive impulse for your professional growth.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign for today is 19.  This number belongs to the Tarot card "The Sun" that represents the joy and the culmination of a cycle with more than positive results for you and all those who are by your side.


You need to move, Gemini. It's important that you guide your will to exercise. There are many sports and ways of training to promote your health. Do it and you'll see the benefits.

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