Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, September 19, 2020: You'll break the ice

If you were living in a situation of emotional coldness, here comes some good news for your romantic life


The union between the Moon and Mercury, your regent in the sign of Libra favours the sincere expression of your feelings. You usually avoid situations that lead you to a moment of commitment and sincerity for fear of having to take sides in one way or another but this time, Gemini, you will feel the pleasure of giving everything. Showing your heart without any hindrance, opening yourself to the most important truth of your inner being.  And this attitude will receive great rewards from destiny.

Love comes to stay in your life. If you were distanced from your partner and the misunderstanding was something that happened every day, it will no longer be like that. You will be able to begin to melt the ice that separated you.

The natives who are single will find that there are more probabilities than they imagined of starting a relationship with someone they see from time to time and with whom they thought there was only a weak friendship.

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This Saturday is a good day to receive constructive criticism and corrections about your work. You have had a difficult time listening to others and therefore, may have overlooked indications that had no other purpose than to lead you to excellence.

Today there is an excellent astral disposition to assimilate information with the will to find harmony, and this will help you to change or perfect the way you work.

It's a good day to start projects. But don't borrow money, otherwise, you will have problems in the near future.

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You feel perfectly well, the clarity of your thoughts and emotions relieves nervous tension and leads you to enjoy the moment without anxiety or worries. You know what you want and that will reassure you.

Rest always helps to improve your health, so don't lose hours of sleep because you get caught up in the plot of a series or movie.