Gemini Horoscope - Monday, October 19, 2020: You need to dance and have fun!

The lack of joy can lead to bad times and it could weaken your health. Do whatever makes you happy, Gemini!


The Moon has entered your love area and that's why some natives are able to have an important conversation that will lead you to a better relationship with your partner. For other natives, this could mean the arrival of a person that will attract them like a magnet and can lead them to commit infidelity, marking a turning point in their relationship. 

The natives who are single will feel very willing to start a relationship with someone they already know; perhaps it's someone that shows them a very peculiar wisdom and learning path.

Attention, Gemini, don't make false steps that you could later regret.

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This Monday you'll receive some news that marks a time of closures and endings. It may make you sad but it's part of your growth to know how to leave behind those situations that are no longer valid in your life.

It's a time when you can enjoy the abundance that life offers you. It isn't about cash or great luxuries but about knowing how to consider what you have, all that you have learned and gained in this last time.

If you're looking for a new job, the arrival of an ideal offer is imminent, don't neglect your mailbox, you could lose a great opportunity.

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Your mood will be strongly impacted by your everyday environment, perhaps at work or among friends and colleagues discordant energy will favor a feeling of sadness or decay. Without being selfish, today you should avoid pessimistic situations.

You'll need a dose of joy. Try an hour of dancing to music you really like. Dancing generates endorphins and strengthens your immune system.

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