Gemini Horoscope Thursday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, November 19, 2020: Stay away from intrigue

Taking a walk and clearing your mind will be a positive action that will keep you away from possible mistakes


The Moon in Aquarius will help you get away from negative emotions and sadness. Starting a new cycle with your group of friends will bring hope and shared dreams to rekindle the spark of friendship.

If you have to resolve a conflict with an in-law, this is a good time, as the stars provide the best inner attitude and fill your heart with feelings that encourage cooperation.

The cosmic dynamic advocates the beginning of new romances for the natives of your sign, if you're still single, the love of your life could be very close, Gemini.

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Communication is enhanced by the presence of your regent Mercury and the Sun both in the sign of Scorpio. Your agile and versed techniques of dialogue and exchange will conquer the territories of relationships.

The planet of business and movement is in your zodiacal zone related to employment and therefore if you perform in commercial areas everything achieves greater agility. However, there's a tendency to see you involved in intrigues that do nothing but damage the reputation of some natives. You could make mistakes that you will regret later.

Think well before transmitting the wrong information and you will see other results.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of the twins for today is 14. A number that attracts success in business and material enterprises. It shows the way to access harmony and balance in all things.

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The astral influences bring about remarkable improvements as far as healing of ailments in the area of the hip or lower extremities is concerned. Don't stop walking and exercising to improve mobility in this area of the body.