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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gemini, it's a good day to plan the future


Gemini, your Horoscope encourages you to do your share of the work.

You woke up in a more sensitive mood than usual. In relationships, you envy and want what those around you have. The love runs wild and free.

You're not entirely responsible of your coldness, you don't like to show that persona. Your personality as an air-based sign slightly determines your traits and behaviour.

Today, wave the white flag of peace. If you're in love, fight for your beloved with teeth and claws.


Gemini, it's a good day to plan the future. The cloud that's been looming around lately will fade. Financial troubles have been left behind.

It's time to come back together and gather strength. But most particularly, it's time to plan a winning scheme. Use your brilliant intellect.

Check every single detail, run a field research. The planets will call the right time to get it into motion.

Use this sitting time to be aware of your motivation. It's time to serve your purpose.


Your Horoscope for today predicts there's action about to happen. Gemini, don't let colleagues take advantage of your work.

An incident around the workplace will create the perfect distracted environment. There could be those who steal a perfect chance to spy on your ideas.

Be very, very careful. Don't leave your work out to see. You have great ideas ahead.

Professionally speaking, this is quite the sweet treat. There's unscrupulous people around you. Want to have some fun? Plan out a trap and they'll fall right into it.


Gemini, you should come closer to nature today.

There's too much air in your mind. If you don't keep that in check, it'll throw you off-balance. Find it among the trees.

Just like them, you need your roots to expand to avoid getting lost. You need a home of your own, just like every human.

A place where you can always go back, even if it's once in a while. The place where you'll find those you care about.

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