Gemini Friday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, March 19, 2021: Find the calm you need

The stars advise you to evaluate the situation before acting in order to avoid jumping to unfavorable conclusions


This Friday, the union of Mars, the Moon and the North Node in your sign result in an emotional explosion that pushes you to a different future, Gemini. Passion could turn into fury if you don't moderate your emotions and your doubts.

Offensive words will be one of the possible expressions with which you manifest yourself with your partner and even if you apologize later the damage may already be done.

Of all the signs, you're the one who suffers most from this astral configuration along with your opposite sign, Sagittarius, who also receives this influence directly.

Anger, a sudden show of distrust is nothing more than a bad way to let the energy flow. A time has come that calls for growth on your part.  Get in touch with the depth of your emotions and show the world your tenderness.

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Today you have all the energy and strength to carry out your goals, so your attitude will have relevance in your work environment.

If you work in a group, your colleagues will be pleased with your work and you could even receive public recognition. Thanks to the placements in your zone related to your profession and social success, there will be new possibilities for you.

The lucky number for Gemini natives for this Friday is 91. You'll be attracted to success and benefits that come into your life through the energy of the Cosmos. Opening yourself to abundance will be the way to achieve better life prospects.


You'll feel very well although the astral energy influences you in such a way that you may behave in an abrupt and heated way. Emotional restlessness can lead to nervous discomfort. You'll need to center yourself and find the calm you need to go into the night in harmony.

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