Gemini Horoscope Sunday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, July 19, 2020: Come on, Gemini, you can do it!

You will have a day of melancholy in a very reflective mood. Distraction would be optimal


Don't despair if you have to face a conversation with your partner about financial issues. It's not easy to carry out the plans you have made in the past and neither is devoting part of your Sunday to this problem. But what you really need is to be aware of what they are expecting from you and how much you can give without harming yourself or losing who you are.

Gemini, you will have to show a lot of frailties  if you want the day to be pleasant. You're not complacent but you see beyond the surface what the other needs at this time of their life.

The natives who are single may feel the loneliness strongly and crave more than ever to have a partner by their side.

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Today you may feel at a disadvantage. You may think you do too much work and the pay doesn't add up. Maybe you're feeling that you're not valued enough, that your work doesn't look good, that your bosses don't see your effort and therefore you might feel bad, Gemini.

Don't get carried away by an emotional state that inclines you to these feelings that may not be so real. Try to observe your reality with a neutral look, devoid of victimhood or devaluation.

Some delays may have affected you in the last few days, but now everything is starting to move thanks to Mercury advancing and overcoming the conjunction with the Moon in Cancer that fills you with melancholy and takes away your objectivity.

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Without suffering from hypochondria today you might feel that something is wrong with your body, that you don't feel full or that you lack energy. Stop assuming ailments and move your muscles a little, you will feel that the movement fills you with inner heat and the circulation of your blood brings oxygen to every cell. You will feel much better.