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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, January 19, 2021: Happy news

Many changes are coming into your life every day and it is not always easy to adapt to them. Breathe and move forward...


The way you observe your reality somehow modifies your thoughts. The power you have supports the tone of your thoughts and suspicion of others isn't the best way to see.

Gemini, if you're jealous of a friend, don't think that your feelings go unnoticed, the poison escapes your eyes and vibrates in the environment. No matter how hard you try to keep a casual attitude, your concealment isn't going to be enough to hide it.

If you're expecting pregnancy news, today can be a great day for you and your family. A new member of the clan is on the way and you'll feel like celebrating and making a toast.

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The Moon from the sign of Aries guides you to find the ideal companions to start a new project.  The projects you visualize today will give you strength and energy to give good results.

It isn't good for you to consume your energy thinking and planning for a distant future. The real time is the one you are living in now, don't neglect the present, there are urgent matters to attend to.

You're living an important moment of change of consciousness and priorities. Many ideas come to your mind and you're afraid to take the wrong path. So put your affairs in order one at a time. Weigh each thing.


If you're suffering from anxiety and stress, it's time to seek nature's help. There are numerous medicinal plants with beneficial properties such as lime blossom or lavender. Both have the condition to generate calm and tranquility.

Our ancestors already knew the properties of herbs including their esoteric properties. Release your energy, if you burn some lavender flowers in a pot you'll see how good vibration and tranquility flood your universe.

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