Gemini Friday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, February 19, 2021: Sensitivity will be on edge

The stars will push you to feel the affection and love with all your senses


The Moon will enter your sign at night and will favor the encounter with love. If you were distanced from your partner, go on a date in which you share your desires and thoughts in total solitude, without interruptions of any kind. It will be easy for you to feel love throbbing in your heart again.

You're very receptive today, Gemini, and because of this, your friends feel they can count on you and confide their problems to you.  You'll be an excellent counselor and you'll be able to provide support effortlessly.

If you're upset with someone you love, today you should think about forgiveness, about your ability to take a step forward and leave the past behind you.

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Today the Sun is already transiting in the sign of Pisces and this is good news for the professional affairs of Gemini natives who receive a dose of astral collaboration in this area. Tensions at home may be related to your physical absence or perhaps it's just a mental absence. Your head will remain too attentive to work issues and you'll forget something important related to the family or your house.

Your perception is very refined this Friday. If you feel that a business transaction isn't secure, it's best not to move forward until you're more certain of the details. Don't disregard the advice of someone you admire and respect. Enthusiasm can play a trick on you.


The stars warn you about a tendency to suffer from nervous diseases. Anguish and anxiety could be part of your problems this Friday if you don't manifest your emotions in some way. Keeping what you feel will only lead to discomfort that you must avoid if you want to have a good time at the weekend.

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