The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, December 19, 2020: You'll earn money thanks to your intuition

You're in luck! The stars favour you in all professional and financial matters


This Saturday is the last one before the solstice and marks the end of solar transit in your area relative to the love relationship. But this isn't a problem, Gemini, as Venus has entered Sagittarius and increases all situations of affection within your relationship and produces an understanding based on desire.

You'll want to be by your partner's side and that need will be reciprocated. Love will be recycled thanks to the joyful encounter with shared emotions and the beautiful moments you can live together.

Those single Geminis will find themselves face to face with love, someone with whom they can understand each other in a few words. Glances that abound in understanding each other and sensuality that invites meeting up with each other.

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It's a day to excel in everything related to professional life. You'll be the center of attention for your ability to connect with others from the heart.

Your visionary sensibility will be in action and thanks to your ability to find empathy, you'll be able to grow the dividends of the company.

Money won't be an issue today, even if you're out of work, you'll be able to count on your partner's help to make purchases or payments.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of the twins for this special Saturday is 42. This is a number that advises you to look for allies within the scope of the family or your groups of friends to reach some goals that worry you. You're the owner of a dynamic personality that lends itself to change with joy. Don't allow this characteristic to be lost.


This Saturday, the health of the natives of the Gemini sign will be affected by the susceptibility awakened by the stars. A tendency to suffer from allergic states can generate unpleasant reactions.

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