Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, August 19, 2020: Your health will improve without many efforts

Small changes in your eating habits will make a big difference in how you look


It will be a great challenge to face someone who is obstinate in criticizing your relationship as if they knew what you needed, Gemini. You'll have to avoid paying attention to that unloving energy. Otherwise, you will allow yourself to be affected by ways and ideas of life that don't meet your open and joyful mentality.

Earlier than you imagine you will feel that the truth of your feelings finds a place in the reality of new love. Every effort you make for this special person will be rewarded.

Romantic affairs may not be the way you imagined, but the stars tend to balance everything out and turn the good into something better and the bad into something good for all the Gemini natives who connect with their life mission. Observe your life and then pay attention to what you have achieved. You can make another turn in your reality. Don't worry about it.

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Your good vibes and charisma will bring you closer to powerful characters who can help you in your social ascent. Be sure to communicate clearly and show what you are capable of, Gemini.

The movements you make today will be blessed by astral alignments. The Moon in conjunction with your ruling planet, Mercury, makes it easier for you to connect the feminine energies and even to reach the more popular sectors. This favours especially those natives who work in public service and in the field of media and advertising.

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It's a good day to start a cleansing diet. Stress contaminates the body and the current diet is loaded with chemicals that slowly but surely damage the cells.

Drink lemon or other citrus juices, eat more fruits rich in vitamin C  and you will notice the difference in your skin.