Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, September 18, 2020: Focus on what you have to do today

Your growing optimism can distract your attention and lead you to make serious mistakes


This Friday you shouldn't miss the beneficial astral influences, Gemini.  You will be the recipient of a very special loving energy that can open you to a more harmonious relationship in which understanding and conciliatory dialogue will be the mainstay. Even if you're already in a romantic relationship, you may be able to improve an unhappy situation by calmly conducting the various stages of the dialogue, respecting silences and listening carefully to what each party wants to say.

If you're living alone, don't stay at home, going out to take some air will give you many opportunities. Call a friend to accompany you.

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You will feel such joy that you may be distracted and make a serious mistake.  So much optimism can make you lose sight of your goal, so it's very important for you to carry a notebook where you write down all the obligations that cannot wait any longer.

Your tendency to talk will lead you to miss part of the day and that is something that not everyone can see with pleasure. Your boss or partner may get angry and will have a point. Discussions may arise if you respond foolishly to their complaints.

But not everything will be a problem if you're patient and give every detail the time it needs to be resolved.

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This Friday you will be blessed by the stars that align in a very favourable way for the natives of the Air signs.

But don't overdo it, even if you have the energy to go around the world. Listen to those around you who may be in need of a quiet day.

Avoid eating processed foods or you will suffer from the typical swelling of salt excess and other spices. Leave the snacks aside, Gemini.