Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, November 18, 2020: Omission will be a fatal error

When you ignore the need to deal with a problem you only empower it


Today you'll have the challenge to face those people who unintentionally make you feel bad. Even many loved ones seem to want to harm your relationship. You'll have to be very alert and focused to avoid falling into the traps of manipulation.

Don't run away, Gemini. Sooner than you think, you'll understand the importance of dealing with difficulties in time.  There's no point in looking the other way today if you then have to bear the weight of cowardice and laziness on your shoulders.

Romantic matters aren't the way you expected but the stars tend to balance and bring all things into harmony and your current situation will be no exception. Your efforts will be rewarded.

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Your sympathy and willingness to do public relations will bring you closer to people of power within your professional area who can help you on the road to success. Expressing your situation clearly and exposing it can be helpful, Gemini.

The Moon in Capricorn favors the end of cycles but also encourages you to close fiscal issues that were keeping you awake at night.

Be sure to consider changing jobs if you're beginning to feel that your occupation isn't favorable. Look for new options for your development.

It's time to align the feminine and masculine energies of your being by giving an image of integrity and balance.

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It's a perfect day to plan a purifying diet. Your body requires some changes and for that, you must change the shopping list and integrate some new elements into your diet.

You must pay attention to the signs your body sends, among them constipation or tiredness without reason when you wake up, which may suggest the need to purify your body. Eating more fiber and adding vegetables will change your energy in a way that won't go unnoticed.