Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Saturday, June 18, 2022

Gemini, offer a relative your moral support


Gemini, your Horoscope sees you'll try to meddle in business that isn't your own. In personal or emotional relationships, you should never meddle in your relatives' actions. You're compelled by noble intentions, though.

It's hard not to get involved, but occasionally, the best help we can offer is staying away. You can't free those who live in a mental prison; they've got their key, and they'll get it eventually when they're aware enough. Until then, offer up your moral support.


Gemini, the Stars foresee nice situations today; an unexpected visit will benefit your finances. Make the most of your adaptability in any situation, and be cheerful and charming. Good omens are blessing you.

It's always entertaining and pleasant to be around you, so you might have to play host today. Your funny ideas will be delightful, and this will be the seed of change for your assessment. The universe is opening doors for you.


Gemini, your Horoscope for today warns there is a spiritual call coming. You feel the need to share what's in your soul. Perhaps your current job isn't too aimed at this concern. In that case, you should find a workplace that feels like home. A space where you can pour your heart out. Get involved in a social centre or NGO.

You've got a sensitive, enlightened essence. You live through being authentic, without thinking about expectations. That's the way you'll inspire the world, through setting an example.


Gemini, your health and water will be connected today. You could feel your legs bloating, and fluid retention might be the culprit. In that case, avoid salt intake. If the root of this situation is emotional,  you've got to balance your emotions out. You may not be okay with criticism, and you feel misunderstood. Process your emotions, so that energy can flow freely.    


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