Gemini Thursday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, February 18, 2021: You'll be able to start something new

The energy will be intense and even adverse, but it will stimulate you to take a step towards a better future


A special energetic frequency will arrive that will provoke an important turn in your destiny. A sort of transformation for Gemini natives who will find themselves facing a new life story. It's as if you've changed the timeline and now everything will manifest similarly but in a different way.

Those who are living a romance that has just begun must focus on the limits they establish between being masters of their time and personal freedom and what they share with that special person. That is why it will be important to talk without pettiness, share ideas and express your own bonding needs at this time in your life.

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When planetary aspects are as intense as they are today, you may have to make an effort to avoid conflict.

Someone from your professional space is plotting against you and you'll have to protect yourself from this attack. The presence of Mars in your zodiacal zone that corresponds to hidden enemies suggests that you keep your feet on the ground more than ever to avoid falling into deception and traps.

Today the lucky number for the natives of your sign is 36.  This number refers to the creative capacity of the human being. It suggests that you develop a perfect communication strategy with bosses or clients to open yourself to a new professional stage. It's time to trust your skills in communication and visual art.


If you have a headache today, it's normal. It could be something related to energy. There is a popular myth that attributes these discomforts to bad vibrations among the people around you. It's the "evil eye" whether you believe in it or not. Take an immersion bath with sea salt to free yourself from this malicious energy.

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