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Gemini Horoscope - Friday, December 18, 2020: You'll experience freedom with satisfaction

Society's rules won't matter if you feel good and don't hurt anyone


The Moon is already located in the Aquarius air sign. This is good news for the natives of the Gemini sign who will wish to enjoy with their soul and body the airs of freedom and detachment that this energy brings.

You'll be invited to a new way of bonding in which responsibility in your actions will be the foundation of your own freedom. You will feel the vibration that invites you to move out of your comfort zone with the certainty of being the master of your decisions.

If you're one of those Gemini natives who are single you'll have to choose between a change in your sentimental state and continue flying free and in your own way.

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New technologies can help you in a matter that delays you by keeping you attached to the known ways.

As far as possible, today you should take distance from co-workers and collaborators who distract you. You're very sensitive to dispersing your mental concentration. There's a tendency to fly mentally into the future and lose the present.

If you have a business partner, it is necessary to clarify many issues regarding money in common. A good conversation will shed light on issues that were stalled. This is especially true for the natives of the third decan, who will be more exposed to the alignment between the Sun and Mercury.


This Friday the mirror can give you back an image of your body that isn't quite what you would like to see. The aesthetic demands that society proposes don't always respond to a pattern of health and wellbeing.

Your inner freedom will be reflected in your ability to discriminate your individuality above what others expect to see in your body. If you feel good and your analysis is in the optimum values,  you shouldn't feel anguish for a few extra kilos.

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