Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, October 17, 2020: Commitment will give you great satisfaction

You may find yourself under the influence of a negative mood in your social environment


Your wonderful sense of humor could be negatively influenced by the people around you. If you're in a stable relationship, this climate that surrounds you could prevent you from expressing what you feel regarding your love life. It's time to show courage and spit everything out. There's nothing to lose, and if there is, you might feel you win more than you lose. 

Single Gemini natives will meet someone close to them that will make them see how little they value themselves  and what they could offer if they just let go of their fear for commitment. 

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In the financial sphere, you'll probably feel trapped today, Gemini. Everyday situations slow down your progress and weaken your will to continue. Sometimes it seems that you're struggling against giants and you may feel that your strengths are weakening.

The weariness produced by the demands of the material world may cause you to think about giving up everything and changing the destiny of your working life. But the stars indicate that this will be a mistake. Take a break but don't throw away everything you've achieved already.

Cutting back on some non-priority spending and avoiding superfluous purchases can help organize your financial world, Gemini.

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For this Saturday, the stars indicate a fluctuation and instability in the health of Gemini, affected by the moods. It's time to believe in your body's ability to heal when you mentally tune in to the blessings you possess. The mind and the heart can affect your health more than you think.