Gemini Monday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, May 17, 2021: You'll have excellent romantic projects

Today the Cosmos is on your side so you can achieve your professional desires

❤️ Love

The stars bring this Monday an excellent vibration for all the love affairs of the natives of the sign of Gemini.

Venus in your sign will attract a special person into your life. Love has excellent omens, especially for those natives of the first decan and early second decan. You won't hesitate to offer your feelings to someone who won't disappoint you.

If you're in a relationship, it's time to do something as a couple. Combining forces with your love will lead to success in matters of concern to both of you.

If you're experiencing a love conflict, a woman can help release the obstacles to understanding. Perhaps a bonding therapy could help you come to an agreement and start a new story between the two of you.

💰 Money

There are very promising indicators for the work matters of the natives of the sign of the twins.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is in your sign favoring your job, especially if you're one of those who work in the area of communication, business management, or transportation, you'll be lucky. It seems that an angel helps your workday. Everything is simple and the material benefits won't take long to arrive.

If you're looking for a new job, don't stop calling, sending messages and emails with your application, and don't miss interviews because you're afraid.

👩‍⚕️ Health

This is a day on which your stomach could give you a hard time. Eating healthy is not the only thing that matters, your environment also matters, the climate in which you take your food. If there's stress in your environment, you eat too fast, you don't sit at the table to calm your mind at lunchtime and you do it in the middle of a professional whirlwind, your digestive process will suffer.

👍 Tip of the day

Make a wish list: it will be your life map

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, May 17 are: 7, 11 and 30.

🤝 Compatibilities

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