Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, July 17, 2020: You'll shine like the sun

You're a bomb of sensuality and charisma! Don't waste your astral energy locked up in your house


Gemini, destiny is taking your love life to the perfect place. The moon in your sign joins the beautiful Venus and together they give a magnetic beauty and a spark of special attraction to the children of Mercury, especially those natives who belong to the second deanery will enjoy this energy.

Young Mercurians will receive a fantastic invitation for a special trip. A meeting with someone you have liked for a long time and who didn't dare to express your feelings. Your heart will jump for joy contemplating the possibility of a common future.

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The stars show that there's an energy of envy and some hidden drives behind your back that could harm you. The natives who know they have made mistakes in the past will have to open their eyes and face harsh criticism that will make them want to correct their past mistakes. Take care of your things and let others take care of theirs.  The results that each one obtains will show if the performance that you have carried out is correct. Trust in the consequences that reality displays. Not everything will be perfect for your opponents.

No matter how much they want to destroy your truth, it won't be possible for those secret enemies who hide behind a smile to succeed.

There's a chance you'll get the money you've been waiting for. Maybe it's a prize or a gift. If you're one of those in probate proceedings you will have good news from your lawyer.


The stars show an optimal trend for your physical and emotional health for the natives of your sign. You'll receive good news concerning the health of someone close to you who had you worried. All fears will be dispelled and you will be able to relax and celebrate the good news.

It's a perfect day for beauty treatments, Gemini.