Signo de Géminis con fondo azul oscuro estrellado

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, January 17, 2021: Tenderness opens you up to a new look at reality

Take the positive influence of the stars to start a new cycle in the affective and material aspects of your life


Tenderness is felt when the stars benefit you with their energy and luminosity.   

When Jupiter is in Aquarius, the natives of your sign can enjoy great benefits in all fields of life, but above all, they can see with greater optimism and enthusiasm their personal matters, and this puts a special lens also on their affective life.

The natives of the sign of the twins who are single can open themselves to live new love affairs with more and better intimate encounters. It's also possible that this Sunday they will experience scenes of fun and meetings with friends.

If you're in a relationship, Gemini, you'll have the opportunity to show your love and your good energy will be the support of a fantastic day.

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It's a very positive day if you take it in a good mood. You'll find that cleaning and freeing up your home spaces can be a fun and even enriching task for you and those around you.

There's a lot of stagnant energy in some corners of the home that requires a change to turn your material life around. It isn't a question of magic but of vibration.

When you modify your environment, many things will surely change for you.

The lucky number for the Gemini natives this Sunday is 77. A golden number of magnificent energies of change and abundance. It is associated with the arrival of money and great material gains.


The stars predict stable and generally good health condition. The danger can occur in some natives if they try to go beyond their strength and make sudden or excessive movements that cause injuries in the spine.

You can use a lumbar girdle to protect yourself and lessen the discomfort that can be caused when lifting heavy objects or performing certain exercises.

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