Gemini Wednesday on a sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, February 17, 2021: Find out what your lucky number is for today

Evolve! The events of life have a meaning that won't be easy to recognize in the present


It's a strange day in which your perception of time is different from the usual one and you'll feel that you're floating on a cloud between the past and the future without knowing whether or not to move forward in an emotional matter. 

A relationship could lead your life down a stormy and complex path. The real motivation that leads you to tolerate sharing some experiences may be given by the need to evolve.

It's time to choose a direction to take and stop flirting with the idea of taking all the roads.

Natives who are single will have to stop seducing two people at the same time who are waiting for you to make your mind up. Choosing will bring peace of mind to your Gemini soul and establish a new, more solid and committed pattern of behavior in love.

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It's a good time to understand some impulses that lead to problems in the professional field that could trigger a major conflict.

Let go of the need to find blame for the situations that happen in your professional life and lean on the help that Jupiter gives you from Aquarius, the sign of energetic affinity, to see your current situation with optimism but also with a greater vision.

You must have absolute control over your expenses if you want to avoid problems in the near future.

The lucky number for Mercury's children this time is 18. This number advises you to go through insecurity and doubt that can drag you into a situation of scarce internal security. It's time to define an action, Gemini.


Today,  the health of the natives of the sign of Gemini is relatively stable. It'll be necessary to take care of the psyche and the body equally in order not to feel exhausted by so many situations that will arise during this day.